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Spray Foam, Cellulose Insulation and More for the Attic to the Crawl Space in Greater Syracuse!

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CNY Green Energy Solutions specializes in home insulation, replacement windows and doors, and home energy audits. Our specialists can help you sort out the best insulation products for the dollar, and explain where to begin a home energy upgrade to achieve the fastest payback. We don’t simply show up and blow or spray insulation into your attic or walls and drive away!

Instead, we attend to details like sealing air leaks around recessed lights, pipes, and hatchways that would otherwise negate the value of insulation. We’re experts at insulating the “forgotten spots” that lead to drafts and cold floors. And because we understand all aspects of heating and cooling a home, we can also make sure you’re getting maximum efficiency from your HVAC equipment and duct system. We proudly offer furnace repair and replacement, air conditioning repair and replacement, and all other HVAC services to return your home to its optimal comfort and efficiency.

CNY Green Energy Solutions identifies what's causing your home discomfort

It's very important to identify the areas in your home that decrease its energy efficiency and comfort. Often times customers are unsure whether their home has energy problems. Energy efficiency and comfort go hand in hand.

Symptoms that a home has an energy problem:

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CNY Green Energy Solutions

Our Services

Spray Foam Insulation

Lower your heating & cooling bills with our spray foam insulation services.

Attic Insulation

Upgrading attic insulation is usually a top priority for improving comfort & energy efficiency.

Air Sealing

Sealing leaks in a home’s building envelope can eliminate cold drafts and help insulation work more effectively.

Basement Insulation

Improve comfort, energy efficiency & air quality throughout the home with this important insulation upgrade.

Windows and Doors

Replacing old doors and windows with energy efficient options not only works better, but looks better as well!

Energy Audit

A home energy audit is a great way to properly pinpoint the exact sources of your energy and home comfort concerns.

Whether it's insufficient insulation or a low R-Value, our home energy audit will pinpoint any and all sources of air leakage. It will also allow us the opportunity to evaluate your home from attic to foundation- no space will go unseen. Musty crawl spaces, drafty windows, or the wrong size air conditioner could easily be contributing to your home's inefficiency. We are here to help regulate your energy costs per month as well as improve your home's value, comfort and your own health!

We are your trusted window replacement, HVAC repair, and home insulation contractor in Baldwinsville, Liverpool, Syracuse, Oswego, Manlius, Fayetteville, Fulton, Cicero, Jamesville, Camillus, and throughout Greater Syracuse! 

We'll recommend the right insulation for you

Spray Foam Installation

Two things must happen for an insulation job to be successful: The insulation you choose must be appropriate, and it needs to be installed correctly. CNY Green Energy Solutions has both covered. We handle every type of insulation, including blown-in, cellulose, and rigid board. Moreover, we are certified installation experts. Our dense-packing techniques, for example, turn cellulose insulation from a good insulation to a great one.

Not only does dense-packing prevent settlement, but it seals off air movement and sound. It’s also economical! Similarly, our air-sealing techniques ensure that blown-in insulation will perform as advertised. Unless air movement is stopped, the insulation cannot be very effective. CNY Green Energy Solutions takes pains to plug up bypasses, including attic stairways, flues, ducts, plumbing, and ceiling light fixtures.

Our SuperAttic® insulation system, for example, is based upon SilverGlo™ board insulation that’s manufactured by Dr. Energy Saver. It incorporates radiant barriers and graphite particles that help keep your attic cooler in summer and warmer in winter. With so many insulation types, we make sure to find the best fit for your situation and install it with care and efficiency.

Remember, poorly installed insulation can lead to headaches, including ice dams, rotted sheathing and roof decking, and inadequate ventilation. That's why CNY Green Energy Solutions is where to turn when you're thinking about upgrading your insulation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Replacement Window Installation

Services we offer New York homeowners:

  • Professional home insulation services: spray foam, blown-in cellulose, fiberglass and more!
  • Air sealing and Duct Sealing
  • Furnace and boiler repair and replacement
  • Central AC and other air conditioning services
  • Fully-warranted work by a BPI-certified contracting company
  • Hot water heater repair and replacement
  • Free Estimates and Fast Service!

Replacement windows & doors refresh the energy efficiency of your home

In addition to our air sealing and insulation services, we also specialize in installing energy efficient replacement windows. We have seen many local homes with inefficient, old windows.

However, new windows don't guarantee efficiency. We are more than just a window installer, we make sure to properly insulate and air seal around the window to improve efficiency and comfort throughout the home.

How HVAC Repair or Replacement Can Make All the Difference in Comfort

There's more to home comfort and energy efficiency than just insulation and the right windows-- though these are great places to look! Your HVAC unit is the heart of your home and if it is the wrong size for your home, not functioning as it should, then you can expect to pay far more to heat or cool your home. 

It's funny, each part of your home actually affects the others. So, when your insulation is insufficient, it causes the air you're paying to heat or cool to just escape through the walls. That means your system is overworked and not really making your home more comfortable. 

Did you know that you can have a water heater that only heats the water you use? This saves you money and conserves water consumption and energy usage! Ask us today about an on demand hot water heater, also known as the tankless water heater. We can setup a time to evaluate your home and recommend the right water heater replacement unit for you!

Our comprehensive energy audit can solve your energy crisis

The first step in our unique whole-home energy audit is to identify the underlying causes of any issues that your home is experiencing. Many times the source is unexpected, but we will always have a quick, affordable, and efficient solution.

Contact CNY Green Energy Solutions today and schedule an estimate to save money and a enjoy a healthier, more comfortable home. Once we diagnose your home using our home energy audit, we can implement our services, which include: ductwork repair and sealing, replacement window installation, and all kinds of home insulation in Syracuse, Liverpool, Baldwinsville, East Syracuse, Skaneateles, Solvay, Clay, Brewerton, Tully, Nedrow, Marcellus, and more!

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